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Learning about setting up a web page

If you’ve read my last post, then you know that I bought a domain and am taking this blogging thing kinda seriously. My main goal is to become a better writer, ’cause I’ve had a couple of novels rattlin’ around in my brain for over 10 years. And, it’s about time that I did somethin’ about it. However, I’m having difficulty getting my web site up thanks to the dang internal links between my posts and the media I’m putting in them not sticking. When I do finally get it up and running I’m going to move my stuff from this free WordPress.com site to My personal WordPress.org site at bluecollardad.org.  So in the meantime I’m working on this blogging101 stuff and working to make a living and working on my website testing it to make sure it’s all working right before I take it live. I appreciate y’all’s patience with me and my slow posts. I am working on getting something together today that is more along the line of what I want to be doing with my blog long-term. It is a lot of work though getting all the sources and stuff lined up when dealing with actual news, and things that I didn’t personally witness. Anywho, as I learn new things, I figured out how to embed YouTube videos and wanted to share one with y’all. It’s from The Tonight with Jimmy Fallon and his guest Chris Pratt awhile back, and I thought it was great. It’s call Nonsense Karaoke, you might have already seen it, and my favorite song is the first one. Let me know which song you think is the funniest.