Why My Title and Tagline are “all that and a bag of chips”

So this is the second assignment from the blogging101 course “Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline”. So, I am not changing the title of my blog, but that’s because I’m completely satisfied with the one that I’ve got. I even managed to grab a .org URL with that same title. I haven’t gotten that site up and running yet, but I’m working on it. This title sums me up decently well. And as far as the tagline goes, I actually changed it. It did say “Southern Commentary on Anything and Everything”. But I thought it was too one-sided and wanted to encourage more interaction and debate. So I changed it to “Friendly Arguments, From a Southern Conservative”. I think it will encourage people who are interested in this stuff to stay around and get into the discussion. So now it’s y’alls turn to ¬†discuss, tell me what ya think in the comments section, or take the poll below. If you have a better idea, I have no problem “stealing” your idea, Ha Ha.



16 thoughts on “Why My Title and Tagline are “all that and a bag of chips””

  1. You have to excuse my ignorance here but just wondering is a Southern conservative same as a UK conservative? ie right wing? I don’t really understand your political system. If so I assume your Blue Collar reference is that you’re a blue collar worker? and is that the same as a UK blue collar worker ie skilled, semi-skilled but not professional white shirt and tie thing. Just that over here blue collar tend to be more labour than conservative. Hope you don’t mind me being so nosey.

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    1. No problem, I’m a skilled laborer, i.e. I’m a diesel tech. I work on semi-trucks and trailers (as you say lorries) for a steel manufacturer/construction company. I hope to own my own business one day, but doubt it’ll happen before the kids are grown. The southern part is because I’m from the southern U.S. And, the conservative part has to do with the my political views. Which mainly means I’m for smaller government (less regulation, less taxes, less handouts, etc.) and for more individual responsibility. How that would translate into British politics I haven’t a clue. I know you have the Queen and a parliament, but that’s about were my knowledge of your political system ends. And I don’t mind the the questions eventually all this kinda stuff will be on my about page. So answering your questions only gives me ideas, not headaches.


      1. OK, thanks. Yes your description of conservative policies is pretty much the same as ours. So is a republican the opposite? I assume similar to our Labour party? although they’ve kind of abandoned their roots, links to trade unions etc and gone for more of a conservative stance, because basically they think that will win them votes. Tho obvs didn’t work this time round cos they lost loads of seats in our recent election.
        Yes we have the Queen, though she’s more for decorative purposes than any political use, never have seen the point of having a Royal Family ever since I was a child (haha must have been born a bit of a rebel). Aww well thanks for answering.


      2. Political parties here the Republicans and Democrats, are closely tied to conservative or liberal policies respectively. However, not all politicians are equally conservative or liberal. Being from Texas, a lot of the liberal Democrats around these parts, would be considered conservative by their Democrat friends from California or New York. The terms conservative and liberal are more about what kinda policies they believe in, but aren’t actually tied to any specific political party.

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  2. I’m not sure you have to say “conservative” anywhere — it might alienate some people who assume you’re just spouting like a blockhead, and it doesn’t sound like you are at all. (And anyone, of any political or religious persuasion, can “spout like a blockhead.” That’s not a comment on conservatives!)


      1. Well, you didn’t scare me away, and I usually stay away from anybody who says, “Hey, I’m a Conservative!” or “Hey, I’m a Liberal!” just on principle. So you’re doing something right in the way you present yourself. You’re honest, that’s a start.


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